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Photographed Poetry 3

Hello! Today we had a real winter day, and it inspired me a few poems. Often my poetry does not really have any particular inspiration, many things-mainly nature and my emotions-can make it come. For this article, it was snow and cold.   Zoe Jeyachandra © The scent of the wind paths in the fog the rustling of the water from the frozen lakes of the familiar lights and colorful melodies are reflected on my face and I slowly realize the complex immensity of what brings together and separates {Zoe Jeyachandra} * * * * * * Zoe Jeyachandra © In the snow there is something in the snow in its bluish whiteness grayed out in its waves in its muffled silence as the summer sun there is some Thing a black spot in the snow without not around without clues a feather {Zoe Jeyachandra} * * * * * * Zoe Jeyachandra © Sometimes there is only one step between the mist of memories and the clarity of oblivion it There's only one stream between the words that we have and the ones we invented {Zoe Jeyachandra} * * * * * * Zoe Jeyachandra © There is no separation between the things between a palette and a Partition a chapter observed in a microscope a voice at the end of a telescope everything is part of everything and everything is one why want to separate what has always been welded? {Zoe Jeyachandra} * * * * * * Zoe Jeyachandra © There are the familiar colors that are so long as one could almost not see them and the vaguely foreign colors that cling to our Retinas and occupy our nights these colors are escaping from the paintings and do not know how to stay in place {Zoe Jeyachandra} * * * * * * Zoe Jeyachandra © An empty forest except bird snatches from a Conversation borrowed in a small Whirlpool street in the pocket chords of an unknown song that fingers know before the voice breath inaudible from my hands on paper {Zoe Jeyachandra}

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