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Hello! I recently started rewriting my fantasy manuscript, Fëarya. I did not talk a lot about writing on this site, except a few poems, and I want to share a little more about my writings of the moment. Reimmersing myself in the world that I invented and being able to improve it and look at it with a new eye is an experience that I like very much. I am really glad to have taken over this novel and to see the pages fill up every day. I decided I wanted to be Austria at 13. My mom and I were on holiday in the Jura, in the small village of Etival, and during a walk, I announced to her that I wanted to become a writer. It was a decision that came naturally to me. I remember sitting at the mezzanine table of the house where we were, and starting to write another one of my manuscripts, Nora, with great enthusiasm. We were surrounded by books, vinyl and snow, and I have very fond memories of that moment, where I really found what passion me, my element as Ken Robinson would say. Fëarya came to me from a map drawn in a diary of the Apprentice illustrator when I was about 12-13 years old. Afterwards, I started to draw the story into a comic strip before continuing it in writing. Nevertheless, I continued to draw the characters and some scenes. The story has of course evolved, the names of some characters and places have changed, some characters have completely been deleted, the story itself has sometimes taken other routes than the ones I had planned, but while writing at my own pace, I Ended up being able to write the end word on the first version of Fëarya. I finished the first jet of Fëarya in September 2016, motivated by a literary contest that turned out to be a small scam. In fact, by reading the conditions better, my mom realized that this publishing house was publishing to author's account, instead of publishing to Publisher's account, which means that you have to pay for the costs of printing and advertising, among other things. So I withdrew my manuscript from the competition before the closing of the contest. This is how I learned that if a publishing house contacts you first, it's always shady and synonymous with fees (for you). One of my sketches of Fëarya After that, I hardly touched Fëarya until about two weeks ago. Since I started preparing my cooking CAP, I have not written much, except poetry. But not long ago, my mom-my official Beta reader-came to me and asked me if I really wanted to write, if it was still something I wanted to do. And as the answer was yes, and the idea of rewriting Fëarya was trotting me in the head for a little while, I put myself there the next day. I write by hand on a notebook (I received a stock of draft books a few years ago and it is still far from over!), taking a little bit of the manuscript and adding and modifying the scenes as I please. The first week I had set two hours of writing a day, but I set myself to three. Several years ago, I realized that when I wrote by hand, I was more careful about everything spelled out, hence the decision to rewrite everything by hand-it ultimately takes less time than one could imagine. In addition to the rewrite, I am also redrawing the map of the world of Fëarya. I always loved the cards in the books and being able to create mine is really great. Some names have changed over the years, but the outline has remained the same. I find that fantasy is a very good genre for both visiting other worlds and exploring our own. Being able to put your own eyes on our world and our current civilization while talking about dragons and elves is one of the best ways to represent the power of writing and imagination. Today I'm about in the middle of Chapter 2 and I'm just happy to have taken my story back and to make it live again. I look forward to continuing and see how far this new version of Fëarya will train me.

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