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Raspberry Charlotte


Today I propose the recipe of a cake, excellent, both light and greedy. It's a raspberry Charlotte decorated with coconut cream chantilly.

To create this dessert, I was inspired by a recipe from Charlotte of my cooking classes from the school of Pros and a recipe for whipped cream based on coconut cream from the blog of Cléa cuisine. As I had just finished a duty on desserts (especially the charlottes), I thought it was an opportunity to put it all into practice. 🙂 And it was delicious!

And I'm pretty amused for the decoration, I realized that I love using the sleeve pocket, and I intend to use it more often.

The most of this recipe is that you can decline it as you want: To change fruit, to add chocolate, to decorate it differently, etc. The possibilities are multiple, as long as we keep the basic mix and respect the proportions.

The secret to having whites in snow well firm and smooth is to put a pinch of salt and a tiny bit of lemon juice. We must be able to return the bowl without anything falling!

In order to make the whipped cream, whether with cream or coconut, it is better to put the cream in the refrigerator at least one hour before use, and to mount it in a bowl, itself in a larger bowl filled with ice cubes , like an iced bain-marie.

The whipped cream is ready when it forms small "beaks" when removing the whips. It must be very firm, so that it fits well on the cake. Do not hesitate to put it in cool if you are not going to use it right away.

And the interest of coconut whipped is that it changes the cream, it's less greasy, and it gets very good with the raspberry mousse!

The recipe for my raspberry Charlotte:

For about six people.

For the Charlotte:


-350g of raspberries (frozen or fresh)

-5 sheets of gelatin

-5 egg whites

-350CL Cream

-Icing sugar

-Spoon biscuits

Roll of the recipe:

  1. Soften the gelatin leaves in cold water. Gently heat the raspberries and crush them to get a kind of lukewarm mash. Melt the gelatine in the raspberry purée by whipping gently to mix well. Set aside at room temperature.

  2. Put the whites in solid snow, add the icing sugar according to the preferences of each, set aside in cool.

  3. Put the whipped cream in a bowl surrounded by ice cubes, add the icing sugar according to everyone's preferences, set aside in the cool.

  4. Mix the raspberry purée with the snow whites, then with the whipped cream.

  5. Wet the biscuits with tea or herbal teas and spread them in a mold. Add the raspberry mousse. Cool in the refrigerator for at least three hours.

For coconut whipped cream:


-400ml of coconut cream

-Icing sugar

Roll of the recipe:

  1. Put the whipped cream in a bowl surrounded by ice cubes, add the icing sugar according to each person's preferences.

  2. After demolding the Charlotte into a dish, put the whipped cream in a sleeve pocket, then decorate the top of the cake before decorating the sides.

I hope this article will have made you want to try this recipe at home, it is worth it! We are feasted. 😀

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