Who am I?

Hello and welcome! I'm Zoe, I'm 18 years old, and I'm in the process of preparing a cooking CAP as a free candidate. I have been educated with the family (IEF) for more than 10 years. This atypical course allowed me to develop my passions-the most important being writing and photography-and to choose an orientation that really suits me. The kitchen is still not my only focus, and I love photography, writing, reading, and art. I live in the countryside and am therefore surrounded by nature, which is for me a great source of inspiration. I am also interested in a lot of topics including science, foreign languages (mainly English) and history. This site is therefore for me the opportunity to share my favorite recipes, my favourites bookish, my passion for writing and photography, and my interests of the moment. You can also find me on different social networks. Instagram. Pinterest.   And here is a list of my favorite culinary blogs: the vegetable cuisine of Hermeline Sweet & Sour Cléa Cuisine CAP Cuisine as a free candidate make me crunch! Kitchen Addict